Searching For a Criminal Record

Your search for a UK criminal record will vary hugely depending upon whose criminal record you are looking for, what is in their criminal record, where they lived when the criminal act took place, and other variables. Not every criminal records search uncovers the same things and in some cases additional searches must be made in order to find the information you’re looking for. A typical criminal records search may reveal:

  • Full name and aliases
  • Current and former addresses
  • Phone numbers and other contact information
  • Publicly available records of criminal offences

We do our best to provide you with the best resources available for your UK criminal records search. If you are looking for a criminal record for an individual then you have a couple of options.

Option 1: A private database

Our sponsor is an example of a private database from which you may be able to find the UK criminal record that you are seeking. Private databases are the easiest option because you can simply pay a small membership fee and then see if the records are available. Start by typing the name of the individual into the search box, and press search to check the private database of our sponsor.

Option 2: Official Request from the Government

The UK has many privacy laws that protect criminal records information. In many cases, you need to be verified as an employer or need the records in another official capacity in order to view criminal records. We try to provide as many of these resources to you on our website as possible.

Option 3: United States Criminal Records Check

Many UK criminals have traveled and also have a criminal record in the US. If you are being very thorough in your criminal records check then you may want to have a look at criminal records in the US.

UK Criminal Records – Requesting Information from the Police and Other Public Authorities

Ever wonder what kind of record you have with the police? The Freedom of Information Act allows anyone to request copies of records held on them by public organisations, including UK criminal records. If you have been arrested, the procedures set out in the Freedom of Information Act are what you should you to request a copy of your criminal record. There are exceptions, however, set out by the Data Protection Act. The procedures in this act allow police to edit any information about others in the data they release to you, and it also allows them to refuse to release information if it is likely to prevent the detection or prevention of crime in a particular case.
There are certain steps that must be followed when requesting UK criminal records. The reasoning behind the procedures is to ensure that you are requesting information only on yourself, and the police do not have to release any information until they have reasonable proof that you are who you say you are. They must respond in a timely manner, and at the most within 40 days of receiving the written request, fee, and identification. They can provide a form for the request, and if you are requesting a copy of footage from CCTV, you must also provide a photograph. Generally your request should be made to your local police. This means if you no longer live in the UK you should go to your local force.
UK Criminal records are not the only records that fall under this act. Other organizations include:

  • The Crown Prosecution Service
  • HM Prison Service
  • HM Court Service

The procedure for requesting records from any of these is the same generally speaking. Criminal justice information can also be requested in much the same manner from police and prisons, but again it may be denied if it falls under the Data Protection Act. They have 20 days to respond, and if they do not, you can ask for an internal review.
The Data Protection Act also does not prevent your records, including UK criminal records, from being released to other organization who request it in an effort to detect or prevent crime. While these requests most often come from police, other organisations such as those put in place to detect and prevent benefits fraud can also request information. There is no requirement that you be notified that information has been requested or released about you.

If you are ready to start your search for UK criminal records then a great place to do that is by using our sponsor’s search box on the right.

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