Information and resources available for criminal records in England.

Address of the Disclosure and Barring Service in England:

DBS Customer Services,

PO Box 110,


L69 3JD.

Phone Number: 0870 90 90 811

Email: customerservices@dbs.gsi.gov.uk

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority have combined to form the Disclosure and Barring Service – CRB checks are currently called DBS checks.

A DBS check might be essential for:

  • Assured jobs or intended work – like functioning with children, or in healthcare.
  • Applying to foster or take on a child.
  • There are dissimilar policies for attainment of a criminal record confirmation in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Usually, employers aren’t authorized to askjob applicants about spent convictions, but for jobs that require a DBS check this regulation doesn’t apply.

The DBS eligibility leadership lists mostly roles that are eligible for a check. On the other hand, the leadership isn’t inclusive, and you ought to speak to the DBS if you’re hesitant.

If you’re the person being checked – ‘the applicant’ – the owner will provide you a form to fill up in and revisit to them down with documents proving your uniqueness.

You can’t accomplish criminal records verification on yourself.

If you require running a check on yourself, you can excavate up a ‘basic disclosure’ with particulars of any unspent convictions as of Disclosure Scotland (anywhere in the UK).


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