Northern Ireland

Information and resources available for criminal records in Northern Ireland.

Address of the Access Northern Ireland:

Belfast City Council,

Belfast City Hall,


BT1 5GS.

Phone Number: 028 9032 0202


Access Northern Ireland supplies criminal history information to organisations and persons, above all to help them make safer staffing decisions. Some organisations are required by law to consider the suitability of applicants for certain positions or to make sure that they are not barred from working with susceptible groups.

A criminal history check, also known as a disclosure, will search your information against UK criminal files and other police information and may reveal details of an applicant’s criminal history. The checks could include investigation of banned lists which are kept by central government. In Northern Ireland the checks are approved out by Access Northern Ireland.

An Access Northern Ireland check is a legal history record check which provides different levels of information. The employer will know if you have been convicted of an illegal offence or are barred from functioning with children or other susceptible groups.

In several cases, a check may also include disclosure of other non-conviction information, sometimes called yielding intellect, if the police consider it is relevant for the purposes of the position being sought.

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