Information and resources available for criminal records in Scotland.

Address of the Disclosure Scotland office:

Disclosure Scotland,

PO Box 250,


G51 1YU.

Phone Number: 0870 609 6006


A Disclosure is a document containing unbiased and confidential criminal history in sequence held by the police and government departments which can be worn by employers to build safer recruitment decisions.

Disclosure information could include:

  • Details of criminal records.
  • In order about a person’s inclusion on children’s or adults’ lists.
  • Other significant information supposed by a local police force or Government Body.

Disclosure Scotland is a service prepared to augment public safety. We offer probable employers and intentional sector organizations with criminal history information on persons applying for posts.

Disclosure Scotland issues certificates – known as ‘Disclosures’ – which give details of an individual’s criminal convictions, or state that they have nothing. Enhanced Disclosures, where suitable, will also encircle information alleged by police forces and other Government bodies.  We also administer the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme on behalf of Ministers.

Our services provide employers, voluntary sector organizations and those within their care, with disclosure information, to lend a hand in the staffing conclusion, helping protect the susceptible. Some employers will be under an obligation to seek disclosures on latent employees. Typically, these will be positions which hold your attention functioning with children.

Disclosure Scotland was recognized in April 2002 to distribute Scottish Ministers’ functions under Part V of the Police Act 1997.