Searching For UK Criminal Records

Those attempting to find a criminal record in the UK will discover that records vary in certain ways based upon whose offender history one is requesting, what information is in the record, the location where the person resided at the time of the charges, together with other factors. Not all criminal history data investigations disclose the identical and quite often further queries will have to be.

Have you ever considered the fact that you may have a record with the police or thought about what that record might contain? The Freedom of Information Act makes it possible for you to obtain duplicates of data files kept about you by government establishments; this includes United Kingdom criminal history information.

The Freedom of Information Act has established a required set of procedures that one must follow in order to obtain duplicate copies of a criminal background documents. You will discover exceptions, in spite of this, that have been set forth by the Data Protection Act. The concepts within this act make it possible for law enforcement officials to modify or remove any specific details about other individuals in documents that are released. In addition it assigns law enforcement officials the right to decline to issue data in the event that certain information may possibly obstruct the discovery or perhaps deterrence of criminal offenses.

In order for the courts to ensure that one is asking only for information about themselves steps have been put in place that must be followed when requesting a United Kingdom’s criminal history report. Law Enforcement officials are not required to produce details until they are provided conceivable evidence that a person is indeed who they claim to be. They are required to act in response in an appropriate and well-timed fashion, within forty business days of accepting the signed application, service charge, together with proper identification credentials. Any Law enforcement agency should be able to provide a request form however; it should be filed at their local police force.

The Data Protection Act additionally will not protect against UK criminal history data, from being distributed to additional law enforcement agencies who apply for it. Despite the fact that most of these queries are made by law enforcement, some other parties including those responsible for locating and stopping fraudulent activity also have the option to apply criminal records and they are not responsible for notifying the persons for whom information has been requested.